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Holiday Traveling To Drini Beach Yogyakarta

A traveling that is very charming on the beach in yogyakarta because Drini beach offers a very exotic landscape. Drini Beach is located in Ngestirejo, District Tanjungsari, about 1 km towards the east of the sepanjang beach. By using a motor vehicle, the trip from Yogyakarta to Drini beach takes about three hours with a distance of approximately 40km. What a boring trip if during the trip, we were not treated to views of the hills are very beautiful coral. A stunning scenery spread out before her eyes. This beach is very interesting to enjoy the beauty of the beaches are beautiful and pretty much still a virgin. Stretch of beautiful white sand, sparkling occasionally appear when in the sun. The smell of the sea that pamper the senses of smell diseratia with waves crashing softly when stroked the beach, give yourself calm when I’m there.

The specialty of this beach there is a growing coral island Drini trees and the wood is said can be used as an antidote to poisonous snakes. ´╗┐Variety of marine animals such as small fish, snails, small crabs and tripang not hard to find her along the edge of the beach. Drini Beach conditions are very clean with white sand spreading. Sloping beach combined with sea water clarity allows us to see clearly the various reefs and sea grass.

So if you are or will be traveling to Yogyakarta, do not miss the beach Drini


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